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Vet Stories

True Stories in the life of Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians

As veterinarians and vet techs we all have tons of funny, heartbreaking and heroic stories of life in veterinary practice. believes that these are priceless and are collecting these amazing stories and compiling them here. We hope you love them as much as we do. Enjoy!

If you are a veterinarian or an employee at a veterinary clinic (technician, assistant, receptionist) and have an amazing story to share, please contact us. We can accept new stories submitted in written format or will set up a call. If we love it we do compensate a small amount for your time in writing or in the call. We are happy to link to your veterinary clinic page as well to share the love.

Funny Stories

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Things You Can't Unsee Part 2: Moomoo's Boob Redhead covering eyes.
Things You Can’t Unsee Part 2: One Under the MuuMuu

Things You Cannot Unsee Revisited As I mentioned in my last post, There are many many things you are…

Humor: Thing you can't unsee. Part 1 Border collie covering eye
Things You Can’t Unsee, Part 1: The Rash

Things You Cannot Unsee There are so very many things you are exposed to in veterinary medicine that…

Stories of Veterinary Heroes

Emotional Stories